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ABYSM GAMING was born in 2017 responding to the needs of a highly specialized market that demanded for quality computer components.

The brand is the result of the alliance of three continents and the knowledge coming from three cultures. America (United States) brings to the project the technological development and the most avant-garde design in the gaming sector. Asia (China), engineering and the most efficient production processes. And European sales and distribution techniques that characterizes this sector in the area.

ABYSM GAMING was also born with solid values such as the recognition of the experience and know-how of our human team, respect for the environment and the cosmopolitan vision of a market in constant evolution.

Human team

The human team of ABYSM Gaming is made up of people from the three continents mentioned above. The experience and trajectory in the sector of some of them join the training and passion of the youngest. The result is a team with a much broader and heterogeneous vision, resulting in a young and avant-garde brand with a solid base.

Our venues
The I+D+I center is located in California, where some of the most successful ideas and business projects in the computer sector have traditionally been born.

Our production centers are located in some of the most technologically developed cities in China such as Shanghai or Shenzhen.

Madrid is operations headquarter for Europe. A strategic location to work with countries on top of the gaming market.


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